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Non-network providers have not signed contracts with Health Net Federal Services, LLC (HNFS) and are therefore considered “unconnected.” Suppliers can choose to participate on a case-by-case basis. (B) the requirements for the participation agreement. In addition to the other requirements in this paragraph, b) (4) (xiv), the Centre must have entered into a participation agreement with OCHAMPUS to authorize the services of a hospital rehabilitation centre for the treatment of substance use disorders. A single consolidated participation agreement is acceptable to all entities of the facility approved by TRICARE. The duration of a participation agreement is set out in the agreement and generally does not exceed five years. SUDRF is not considered a CHAMPUS-approved supplier and CHAMPUS payments are only made for services provided by SUDRF at the time of the signing of the participation agreement by the Director. In addition to reviewing the SUDRF application and supporting documents, an on-site visit by OCHAMPUS representatives may be part of the authorisation process. The participation agreement must include at least the following requirements: (5) agrees to accept as payment the authorized fee set by CHAMPUS, with the exception of applicable deductibles and cost quotas, and considers that CHAMPUS beneficiaries are free of charge for uncovered care (i.e., they cannot charge a recipient for uncovered care and cannot charge a beneficiary an invoice for amounts above the authorized fee). The certified marriage and family therapist must enter into a co-management contract with the ChampUS Office, under which the certified marriage and family therapist must agree on all of the above provisions. (13) Participation agreements. A participation agreement otherwise prescribed by this party includes in part all the following provisions requiring the supplier: (5) The Centre has entered into a participation agreement with OCHAMPUS in which the Centre gives its partial consent: (G) In the case of an institution in a state where applicable national or local law provides for the granting of licences to hospitals, the hospital (3) transfer of the participation agreement. In order to ensure the continued assumption of the beneficiary in the event of a change of ownership, the provider contract is automatically transferred to the new owner, subject to all the conditions under which the original agreement was concluded.

(ii) Waiver. The OCHAMPUS Director may waive the balance count limit on a case-by-case basis if required by a CHAMPUS beneficiary.